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    Welcome to SCC – Europe

    Thank you for visiting SCC – Europe’s website. On this webpage you will find facts and information about Winter Traction Products, Cargo Control Products, industrial chain, fishing chain and custom lifting products.. We hope that you will find this information useful when planning your next purchase. Security Chain Co. (SCC)  headquartered in Portland, Oregon, USA, was founded in 1969 as an importer of snow chains. SCC started producing new-generation cable chains in 1978. The cable chains helped SCC to become the market leader in the USA.  SCC – Europe in Metzingen, Germany was established in 1996 to service European customers.

    In 2011 Peerless Industrial Group purchased SCC. Peerless is the largest manufacturer of chain in the USA and has a tire chain tradition dating back to 1917. Headquartered in Winona, Minnesota, USA Peerless has over 420 employees and a worldwide distribution network. Peerless tire chain products can be found in major retail stores, including Walmart. The USA and other Nato countries have trusted Peerless tyre chain and industrial chain products for years.

    SCC designs innovative problem-solving products in the areas of winter traction and cargo control. The patented SCC products provide advantages like easier and faster use, higher durability and greater flexibility.

    SCC set new standards for durability and reliability with the introduction of the Z-family of winter traction products in the 1990s and continuous innovations set further milestones: Iceman Z6™ and Z8 just need 6 and 8 mm space on the inside tyre sidewall. The development of the patented Auto-Trac™ in 2006 offers the easiest self-tightening for diamond-style link chains. Dual self-tightening ratchets eliminate loose chains and retightening stops.

    In Cargo Control and industrial applications SCC continuously introduces innovative products: CurtainBar™ and BoardClamp™ (laod restaint clamp), SmartBar™ and BabyBar™ (cargo bars), QuikBinder™ Plus (ratchet binder), SmartCrank™ (landing gear crank) and CargoGuard™ (corner Protector).

    Peerless / SCC are among the innovators and world leaders in winter traction products, marine chains, dabarking chains and cargo control.