BoardClamp(#EN 5210)

(Patent pending)

The fast and effective way to secure cargo!

DTG 002The BoardClamp™ offers the following advantages:

  • Grip range from 8 mm to 44 mm (can be used with board 8mm to 44mm thick).
  • Exclusive cinch clamping action: the harder the strap is pulled the tighter the BoardClamp™ holds on.
  • The two position grip pad allows the wide grip range so that the BoardClamp™ can be used with SCC`s CurtainBar™ and SmartBar™.
  • Rubber contact surfaces provide excellent grip and protect boards.
  • BoardClampThe ratchet tensioning allows maximum pulling and gripping power.
  • Ideal to secure cargo where traditional load securing profiles can not be used.
  • Total length of 3,6 m.
  • Max. holding force: up to 1570 daN.
Adjustment range 60 cm – 360 cm
Board Thickness 8 mm – 44 mm
Max. holding force Up to 1570 daN

BoardClamp™ End Fitting

(#EN 92150)

For customers who want to use their own straps with the BoardClamp™, the BoardClamp™  end fittings are available separately.