(#EN 5681 / EN 5685 / CC 5682)

The flexible corner protector: Protect your cargo and straps with the SCC CargoGuard™!

The CargoGuard™ offers following advantages:

  • CargoGuard Regardless of the form of your cargo: CargoGuard™ adapts to it and protects cargo and strap.
  • Patented multiple living hinges adapt to the form of the cargo.
  • Made of high impact thermoplastic.
  • Can be snapped together to any required length.
  • CargoGuardCan be stacked for easy storage.

The CargoGuard™ is available in the following sizes:

EN 5681: Covers 50 mm wide straps.

EN 5685: Covers 35 mm and 25 mm wide straps.

CC 5682: Covers 100 mm wide straps.