Curtain Bar™

Curtain Bar(#EN 5200)

(Patent Pending)

DTG 002For trailers with curtain sides, drop sides & stake sides.

The CurtainBar™ offers the following advantages:

  • Can be used with all boards from 8mm to 54mm thickness.
  • Easy adjustment for different board thicknesses. No tools necessary.
  • Versatility: adjusts from 114 cm to 271 cm with its patented three-tube design.
  • Rubber feet on both sides of the board provide excellent grip on boards or aluminum slats and do not damage surfaces.
  • Collapsible for easy storage and shipping. Easier handling due to compact design.
  • Plastic covered ends protect the curtain and there are no loose parts.
  • Theft and loss reduction by storing the CurtainBar™ in a tool box or truck cab.
  • With the combination of CurtainBar™, BoardClamp™ (EN 5210) and SmartBar™ (EN 5009 / EN 5010 / EN 5012) paletts can be secured anywhere in the cargo area.
  • Max holding force: up to1250 daN with a hand tightening force of 350 N.
Adjustment range 114 cm – 271 cm
Board Thickness 8 mm – 54 mm
Max. holding force Up to 1250 daN