SmartBar EuroDTG 002(#EN 5009 / EN 5010 / EN 5012)

(Patent 6,755,600 B2 / 7,334,973)

The most versatile loadlock on the market.

The SmartBar™ offers the following advantages:

  • Suitable for both flexible and rigid walls. The “Smart” feet adapt to the conditions by either compressing between inflexible surfaces and acting like a spring or pushing outward between flexible surfaces.
  • Patented three-tube design for huge adjustment range and a holding power of up to 226 daN..
  • Easy operation: thumb release for sliding the tube in or out, vinyl coated lever for a smooth, positive operation.
  • A track-lock kit is available to increase the holding power of the SmartBar™.
  • In combination with the CurtainBar™ (EN 5200) or the BoardClamp™ (EN 5210) palettes can be secured anywhere in the cargo area.
  • Light colored feet leave no marks on walls.
  • Max. holding force up to 226 daN.

The SmartBar™ is available in following editions:

Name Product No. Adjustment range Track-lock kit included Max. holding force
SmartBar™ EN 5009 122 cm –  274 cm No Up to 138 daN
SmartBar™ EN 5010 122 cm –  274 cm Yes Up to 226 daN
SmartBar™ XL EN 5012 143 cm –  320 cm No Up to 138 daN