(#EN 9700)

(Patent pending)

Avoid injuries and save time and money!

The SCC SmartCrank™ offers the following advantages:

  • SmartCrankReduces the “free-spin“ injuries which happen often when operators try to lower the landing gear.
  • Ergonomic design uses the upper body muscles more efficiently to reduce back problems. 40% higher leverage helps avoid strain on the back muscles when lifting up trailers.
  • Patented two position design provides either higher speed operation or more leverage to lift the trailer.
  • More than twice the speed of conventional cranks saves time and money.
  • The choice of 4 speeds/leverages (2 positions of the handle and 2 landing gear speeds) provides optimal adaptation to the individual needs.
  • Quick and easy change from low to high gear.
  • Pays for itself in a short time.