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(IZ-600 Series for Passenger cars)

The best product for limited clearance applications of modern vehicles that leave extremely little space on the inside of the tyre sidewall.

Iceman Z6™ is available to fit passenger cars, pick-ups and SUVs. SCC designed Iceman Z6™ to fit into tight spaces without any negative effects on durability, dependability and traction. Iceman Z6™ provides the following advantages:

  • 6mm inside clearance.

  • The smallest inside cable for modern vehicles with extremely low clearance between the tyre and vehicle parts.

  • Patented inside fastener.

  • Inside cable construction allows the chain to fit tightly around the tyre.

Extremely lightweight cable chain construction.

Alloy traction coils for automatic all-around wear and extra long durability.

Rubber tensioners ensure even tensioning without any additional stops or retightening.

The Z design supports ABS and ensures the constant contact of both the tyre and the chain with the road surface.

Practical bag with cotton gloves for a clean installation.

Multifunction ice scraper: Ice scraper and chain installation help.

Click below to watch SCC`s "Safety and Protection" videos.

Car - Safety and Protection Video

Classroom - Safety and Protection Video

Father Son - Safety and Protection Video


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