Before you Buy


The tyre size is printed on the sidewall of every tyre. Most tyre sizes will look like this: 205/70R14. These numbers are necessary to find the traction product that will fit your tyre. In our example the tyre is 205mm wide, has an aspect ratio of 70% and is mounted on a wheel whose diameter is 14 inches (1 inch equals 2.54 cm).

IMPORTANT: Always pre-fit your chain on a tyre it is intended to fit. Actual tyre sizes vary due to different manufacturers, age, wear or deviation from the ETRTO (European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation). Winter tyres also might require bigger chains than summer tyres of the same numerical size due to the deeper treadface. This is also true for off-road tyres. For commercial tyres (for example 215/75-16C) and retreaded tyres pre-fitting your chains is even more important due to even larger variations in size.


This is becoming more of an issue every year. Most modern vehicles come with limited clearance. Please consult your owner´s manual for more detail. Some owner’s manuals state that certain tyre sizes do not provide enough clearance to accomodate winter traction products. Many car manufacturers make these statements just because a vehicle has less clearance available than Class “S” requires. The fact is that many of these vehicles can use one of Security Chain Co.’s winter traction products. For more information on limited clearance issues, please click here