Icebear Z & Icebear Z Pro

Icebear traction cables
Application: Truck / Bus
Construction: Alloy cross member
Cross member pattern: Diagonal
Tighteners required: Yes
Meets Class “S”: No
Type: Cable
Packaging: Nylon bag
Installation Instructions
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(LZ-500 Series for Trucks and Buses)

All Icebear Z™ products share the same great design and features, plus each product has its own unique advantages for specific applications:

  • Alloy steel traction coils for extra long durability.
  • Lightweight and easy to install.
  • Cost savings due to higher truck load factors and less fuel costs.
  • Suitable for limited clearance.
  • Supports ABS.
  • Easy repair.
  • Little space needed for storage.
  • Practical bag.

The small height of Icebear Z™ elements and the limited throw-off allow the use of Icebear Z™ even with extremely limited applications like buses.

Also available for the new extra width tires (like 495/45-22.5 for Trucks and 455/45-22.5 for Buses).

iso  omv5121  Swiss approval  GSundTUEV1

Icebear Z Pro

(LZ-700 Series for Trucks and Buses)

Icebear Z ProIcebear Z™ Pro’s double coil achieves two times the durability of Icebear Z™. This product is especially suitable for frequent users of snow chains.

CAUTION: The use of any Icebear Z™ product on extremely aggressive winter tyres is not recommended if the cross members could disappear in the “void” areas on the tyre treadface.

omv5121Swiss approvaliso

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