Iceman Z6/Z8 Installation Instructions

SZ6-install-1 1
Park vehicle on firm, level ground away from the flow of traffic. Set the emergency brake. Remove any wheel covers. Chains should be installed on drive wheels. Lay the cable chain on the ground with smooth side (TIRE SIDE) up.
SZ6-install-2 2
Move the chain in a sweeping motion under the vehicle so the open mid-section is positioned against the backside of the tyre. This sweeping motion can best be done while kneeling in front of the tyre.
SZ6-install-3 3
Reach around each side of the tyre and grasp both ends of the non-split side cable that is furthest away from you. Pull both ends to the top of the tyre so the fasteners can be seen and manipulated more easily. Close the inside fastener.
SZ6-install-4 4
At the top outside of the tyre, close the fastener.
SZ6-install-5  5
Grasp the outside cable with both hands and pull it toward you to create as much slack as possible. Close the lower fastener.
SZ6-install-6 6 Attach tensioner to take up additional slack. To make this simpler, attach the first hook at the “11 o’clock ” position, the next hook opposite at the “5 o’clock” position and so forth. The open side of the hooks should face away from the tyre so they do not dig into the tyre. No additional adjustment is required.