Iceman Z8

Iceman Z8
Application: Light Truck
Construction: Alloy cross member
Cross member pattern: Diagonal
Tighteners required: Yes
Meets Class “S”: Yes
Type: Cable
Packaging: Nylon bag
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 iso omv5121Swiss approval GSundTUEV1

(IZ-800 Series for Light trucks, SUVs and pickups)

The best product for limited clearance application of modern vehicles that leave extremely little space on the inside of the tyre sidewall!

Iceman Z8™ is available to fit pick-up, SUVs and light trucks. SCC designed Iceman Z8™ to fit into tight spaces without any negative effects on durability, dependability and traction. Iceman Z8™ provides the following advantages:

  • 8mm inside clearance.
  • The smallest inside cable for modern vehicles with extremely low clearance between the tyre and vehicle parts.
  • Patented 8mm inside fastener.
  • Inside cable construction allows the chain to fit tightly around the tyre.

Extremely lightweight cable chain construction.

Alloy traction coils for uniform wear and extra long durability.

Rubber tensioners ensure even tensioning without any additional stops or retightening.

The Z design supports ABS and ensures the constant contact of both the tyre and the chain with the road surface.

Practical bag with cotton gloves for a clean installation.

Multifunction ice scraper: Ice scraper and chain installation help.

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